No envelope.  A note on the back reads “Peggy– after Jack won medal”.  The paper is worn and some parts are missing which will be indicated by (_)


(_) Darling, thou great and large hero…


What is this I hear about me big brother, who used to hoer over a (_)chroscope in the back laundrey, beat his little sister up regularly, knocking the hell out of a twin engine bomber, and saving the say at Saipan as a result… I am really pleased proud and happy to be associated with you… you great and good thing, and don’t be modest and say that you only did your duty like anyone else… ONLY a Murray,,, one of the MAD Murrays from up on the hill could have pulled one like that…. No stuff, brother mine.  I am TRULY proud to be your sister….

            Received your letter, just as I was pacing my bags to come back to Calif from Idaho… I guess you didn’t know that I am due for a foreign services ribbon after my sojourn up amongst the sheep and sage brush… weeel pardner, that I am…. Anyhoo, it sure seems the cats meeow to be able to order a scotch over the bar, and not have to pull a bottle from under ones petticoat, and plank it down (sic) on the table, and hollor… “hey queenie, to us, three seven ups,” or words to that effect…

            Went hunting the other day…. Didn’t catch a thing, in fact, didn’t even see anything to catch….. and get your might out of the proverbial rut…. I was not looking for a second lt… it was goats we was cravin’ pardner…. However, I am turning into a shot, like no body’s business…. Therefore, I shall not elucidate you on how many things I missed, as I aimed carefully over the hill.

            Also bought a care the other day… a thirty nine chevvy (sic) for seven hundred and fifty bucks… have had much fun in it so far, but have a strange desire to sell, as no buggy these days is worht (sic) that….

            I received a lovely letter from mom and dad on my birthday…. It seems that the stories of the 49ers went completely to their heads, and they are selling out bag and baggage, and coming to sunny Calif… LA to be exact, and will seek their fortune here… I think that it is really super, and so sort of typical things that they would do… funny, I thought the old homestead and settling in Bronxville was too good to be true, but they seem so excited, ad happy over the whole thing that (I am) too…. It is so typical of them as I said before and I am glad that they (are) not the sort of family, to let middle age, get them into one of those unpleas(ant) ruts….

            I guess I told you that I bought a GEETAR, and a UKE, and am eccentric as a result, because, I have to lug them all over the country… I care not, and have many friends that think geetars re as wonderful as I do… so we sing cow poke songs and have gay times… but I do admit, even to myself that it looks sort of odd to be seen in grand central stations, barracks bags about the neck, and geetar, and uke in either hand, with the uniform too….

            Hear you might get home one of these first days… nice goin’ but we aren’t expectin’ you till we see you in the flesh, as we know how those things are.. so don’t hink of us at all, and go on about your business until you can come back… Ginnah and the baby are doing but beautifully from all reports, and the family is well under control, and I am happy as a little lark to be back here..

            Do write me soon again, and again my cincerest congratz on your medal, and stuff…. Did you ever receive those books that I sent you for last.. Well, I sent you some more for this Xmas too… beat that willya…


                                                Love, Peggy