Recording for Jack (No Date?)


Hello Jack… I hope this reached you on time and just doesn’t wander all over the Pacific like your Christmas presents have been.  And I hope you get an opportunity to play it once in a while.  Happy Birthday darling!  A quarter of a century old already.  I guess that old enough to be a papa.  Sorry young Peter, Christine or whoever arrives didn’t come on time for your birthday… Sound as if I expected it to arrive with a god tag around its neck, doesn’t it? But as you said in your wonderful letter we’ll just have three continual months of birthday celebrations., starting now with yours. 

Do you remember last year at this time, darling?  We had a gay little party in San Francisco with that rather drippy girl, and Pat and I can never remember the other fellow’s name.  And seeing the Drunkard and you up on stage with that crazy magician.  I was convinced he’d hypnotized you.  I still think there’s a certain amount of hypnotism to that act… The way you swallowed those balls and stuck to the floor.  Honestly it was a howl.  And what’d we do after?  Ah yes… bumped into that blonde bombshell, Carole Procter from Bronxville.  Hope her hubby isn’t ain’t on your crate.  And ended up at the St. Francis.  Seems to me that we were always ending up or starting there.  I loved cocktail time there.. They always had that little orchestra playing up on the balcony, remember? 

Didn’t we hav ea lot of good times in that windy city!  I  loved liked living there… almost best of all the placed we lived in California. 

Let’s do it again, baby.  Gee I can’t believe it’s been a years since those golden days.  Seems just like yesterday.  Does it to you?  Remember Lady in the Dark with Carl and Betty Anne.  By the way greetings to Carl, George, Phil and all the others… Does George really read all your letters to me?  I hope you get to read his to Millie.  Had a neat letter from her a while back.  Also a gay letter from Lil Tankersly about her second babe.  She sounded very happy.  And around Christmas time, nice notes from Peg Bates + Beth Peaslee.  Also heard from “Mommy” Hill.  And Lorraine, and BA and Eleanor. 

The Dean House was allright even with its shared bath and frequesnt sad dinners.  Remember the wonderful song fests in our room of an evening, and canoeing on the lake.  (Handwritten) Jackie, all our times together are so vivid to me–every month in Oakland, Carmel.  Those rather difficult 2 weeks in the desert and Pasadena and then San Diego + All the firy, ordinary things we did.  By the way­­–How are your arches darling?

(back to type)

I’m enclosing a picture from the wedding informals.  They did a lousy job, I think, of reproducing it.  But just a slight remender (sic) of how I look in general.  Dick’s sending up some film for the camera so I hope to send some more snapshots of me… in the present condition.  Everybody’s always saying how well I look, and murmuring something about that special glow.  And, baby, the doctor always pronounces me health.

So there’s nothing to worry about.

I was delighted to hear of the solicitude of your friends for the welfar of the future generation of the Murray clan.  Many thanks, indeed.  You may tell them I heartily approve of their keeping tabs on any of your gambling propensities.  After all the responsibilities of beaching the Papa stage are great indeed.

Every Sunday we have great family gatherings at the house here.  Yesterday’s was particularly nice because Conn Gertmenian an his fiancée Doris from Chicago were also here.  She plays this piano well and together we produced a raucous reproduction version of Bea Lillie doing Thanks for the Memories.  What with Morian and Jean and others every now and then… we had a nice and lowdown musical afternoon… All we lacked was your rendition of You Are My Sunshine… with piccolo, guitar, and sweet potato accompaniment.  Darling that sound as if it ought to be really hot.  I’d love to hear it. How about at the squadron reunion. 

Jackie, I just adored your discussion of the religious education of our expected angel.. I agree with you completely.  I would like (torn off but assumed) her to be exposed to Quakerism… but I also think kiddies get a bang out of Sunday school… and so a good Presbyterian Sunday School might be a good way to start “Leetle Joe” off.

Naturally, it’ll be an unusual child… brilliant if it doesn’t take after it’s mama; handsome if it gets your curly hair.  And if it continues the way it’s been acting, it ought to be athletic or if a girl maybe a dancer specializing in high kicks.  (handwritten) At any rate, we’ll be sure to develop a good sense of humor in it­– a tres important trait. Yes.  It would be so wonderful if you could get home soon perhaps too wonderful to think about.  I shan’t count on anything.  But I guess, I too can dream, my angel­–


(end of note)



Green Handwriting Note:


January 1st- before bedtime


Darling- it’s a beautiful night out- a perfect beginning for a new year.  The moon looks like a lullabye (sic)- + the stars are so bright- and I came home to you- smiling at me from the bureau- looking serious from the dressing table- I wanted you so much- Goodnight my love.  I just had to say goodnight, to talk with you. Before I went to bed.  And so to dreamland on the wings of a kiss I blow to you.  –

January 2nd- Sunday

The whole family slept until 12 this morning- Breakfast dishes were done by 2:00- washed the raven locks- just in time to hear Robert Casadesus play Beethovan’s (sic) Emperor Concerto on Philharmonic Program- brilliant pianist- Then to Cary’s for supper party with some of her wells friends.  The husband of one was there- a Leo Himmelian- waiting to leave from N.Y. probably but not knowing when.  He help up beautifully under a battery of female chatter. 

Here’s Jim Rich’s address.  He sent us a $10 check- which I shall deposit in our savings account along with other gift money until the suitable moment arrives.


O/C James P. Rich 32509103

Ward II, Station Hospital

Camp Davis, N.C.

Just noticed permanent address- you better write him there:

24 Meadow Ave.

Bronxville, N.Y.


He mailed his Christmas card, with gift, December 18.  I shall write him a note tomorrow.  His note- which is almost impossible to decipher says- OCS (?) was interrupted by a broken wrist, but it’s wonderful to be back here Panama.  “The year has been barren in many ways but essentially worth living” well I guess I might as well send it to you.

January 3rd

Darling, darling boy-

I woke up this morning + found a box from the florist on my bed table!  Angel- of course I could hardly wait to untie the knots- but I did each one- slowly- enjoying every moment.  Oh what beautiful, beautiful orchids- 3 just enormous ones! And such lovely ones- with your sweet note- Do I remember?- I remember every little bit of so many marvelous times together.  What a thoughtful wonderful husband you are! Of course- I must admit-when I first saw them– I practically dissolved myself into tears.  I was quite overcome, you see.  Thank you so much, my sweet.  Our eleventh anniversary- and in one more month we’ll be married one year.  I’ll remember and keep these some way for Feb. 3- because I don’t imagine you’ll be anywhere where it’ll be convenient to send a message- so it was nice of you to send them now- for both times!  Golly- I was surprised! pleased! and so happy! about ‘em, angel.  You know nothing thrills my soul so – as flowers- thanks- my one and only sweetheart!

Your mom is on the telephone this moment- I shall tell her how marvelous you are! 

It seems so inadequate just to thank you for the flowers- Jack- I would I could give you a lovely great big kiss- my sweetest, sweetest man.

I’m not sure where I shall wear them yet.  This afternoon I go to the dentist’s J.  And then mom + I are going to town to search for diapers!  I understand they’re getting scarce, which would be a catastrophe.  And then we’re going to see if there are any possibilities for tickets to plays.  It’s impossible to buy them for less than 2 months ahead of time- but sometimes you can get them at the last minute.

Listen- Jack- I hope you got a chance to call your family on the phone- At least write them immediately! Very important- they are very anxious to hear from you.

Wednesday- your mom and I are going into town- I shall wear the orchids then too.  In the meantime I shall think up other exciting things to do with the orchids.

A letter arrived from Alice today- telling how delighted they were to have you for Christmas- with separate notes from Christine + Ronny each saying how glad they were to see you.  Alice said they listened for any experiences you might tell them about- but what they heard was very meager!

Also that she had written Peg to come down for New Years- I do hope it worked out + you + Peg could be together there.  What fun! I’ll expect to hear details in the near future.

Well angel- thank you so very much- I am so very very thrilled with your sweet thoughtfulness- Have no doubt that I shall appear tres elegant in fur coat + orchids!

All my love to you angel on this our eleventh month anniversary- and in case you don’t get this before Feb. 3, I want you to know how happy I am to be your wife.  I hope we shall spend our anniversarys (sic) together after this- in any case know that I think of you constantly- and love you completely.




Do write your family J please



March 22

Hello my darling-

            I’m feeling so wonderful.  Been just the luckiest gal, I guess- the minimum of troubles.  I love this business… we must do it often.  I’m all for a large family!  I’m all for a large family! And now I know what part of that statement calls for anyways.

            This is just the beginning they tell me.  But we shall enjoy our child- and make it that happiest baby+ won’ (?) the happiest parents.

            Of course it’s been howling its head off- lately- but that’s just because she’s hungry.  I can distinguish her cry from all the others when they bring the babies down the hall- on their way to nursing.  Honest I can.  She says “la-----“ in shortish intervals.  Once she gets in our room- no crying- just beams- (looks like smiling anyway) makes cute faces- with her mouth- + sticks her hands in her mouth.  And she feeds for the whole half hour they’re here.  Oh it’s such a joy to watch her.  I just wish you could be with me enjoying our sweet daughter. 

            The only thing I don’t have is a beautiful set of nipples J.  One is kind of cracked + the other not very noticeable.  However we are working on them with various appliances.  (Use a rubber nipple over mine- to draw it out- the baby does an excellent job of extraction).  They are giving me about 3 more days to see if the baby can get enough milk by nursing.  I certainly hope so.  I do want to nurse her.  You miss something if you don’t. I think.  And most authorities say it’s better for babies- although it seems most babies today are bottle fed.  So many mothers here can’t nurse. 

            We had to send our telegram via Western Union-Red Cross couldn’t do any better.  No cable without your serial number.  And I have never had that.  So I wired to San Francisco- + from there it went by mail to you.  Sorry it couldn’t be faster.  But you weren’t worrying anyway- I hope. And there’s not a thing to worry about- angel. We’re both doing so well.  Goodness- such healthy specimen!

            She was just in to nurse!  She’d (?) cold-creamed + her skin was sweet + smooth- + was she sleepy.  The nurse says she’s an excellent baby.  And she nurses so well- lots of ‘em don’t take to it very well. 

            This hospital routine keeps you busy most of the time.  I’ve been deluged by flowers + cards from all kind of friends.  Spend my free time arranging them in different vases. 

            Loads of love- sweet- from both your gals.